2012 Saint Louis Art Fair Winners Announced

The artists were announced during a Sunday morning breakfast.

Winners of the 2012 Saint Louis Art Fair were announced Sunday morning during a breakfast for artists. 

Best of Show

  • Tony Cray, Glass 

First Place Winners 

  • Amber Marshall, Glass 
  • Brandon Holschuh, Jewelry 
  • Scott Amrhein, Glass 
  • Hetty and Norman Metzger, Fiber 
  • Michael Bauermeister, Wood 
  • Leon Niehues, Fiber 
  • Joe DeCamillis, Mixed Media 
  • Jeffrey Cannon, Drawing and Pastels 
  • Melissa Finelli, Jewelry 
  • Melissa Schmidt, Jewelry

Second Place Winners 

  • William Kidd, Ceramics 
  • Aaron Hequembourg, Mixed Media 
  • Justin Teilhet, Ceramics 
  • Todd Cameron, Glass 
  • Grant Silverstein, Printmaking 
  • E. Douglas Wunder, Jewelry 
  • Amy Gillespie, Mixed Media 
  • Geoff Buddie, Partner: Chris Rom, Mixed Media 
  • Chris Dahlquist, Photography
  • Matthew Cornell, Painting 

Stacey Morse Juror Award 

  • David Mayhew, Photography 

Susan Clayton Juror Award

  • Shadow May, Sculpture 

Sally Murdaugh Award 

  • Susan Anderson, Ceramics

Sarah Rishel Juror Award

  • Charles Gatewood, Painting

Emerging Artist Award 

  • Michael Simpson, Wood


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