Brentwood Shane Co. to Move to Olivette, Promenade Expansion in the Works

The Shane Co. is planning to move in early 2013. Brentwood Mayor Pat Kelly said he isn't surprised.

The Shane Co. jewelry store will be moving from the Brentwood Promenade to a building on Olive Boulevard that was once a grocery store.

Brentwood Mayor Pat Kelly said the company didn't give the city notice, but he's not surprised. Brentwood has been working with Promenade property owners about an expansion, and it may have affected Shane Co.

"We are hoping that probably within the next month or so we'll be making an announcement of a national expansion of the Promenade, but we don't have anything officially submitted to us yet," Kelly said.

Rordan Shane, of the Shane Co., said he's heard several things about expansion plans, and the company could have worked around it, but decided to move.

"The fact that they have some plans to upgrade the Promenade or rearrange the Promenade gave us a perfect opportunity to grow into a much larger store," he said.

Contractors are currently working on a building at 9643 Olive Boulevard, to be the new Shane Co. location.

Shane also said a need for more, non-shared parking is another reason for the move.

He said a recent robbery in the parking lot outside the Promenade store had nothing to do with the decision. "Not in the least bit."

Assistant manager at Shane Co., Josh Holdren said the move is planned for early 2013.

Olivette City Manager Mike McDowell said he doesn't have specific plans but he knows it's happening.

"We see all types of contractors and subcontractors there where they're planning to locate," McDowell said.

The Shane Co. has been the official jeweler to the St. Louis Cardinals for 13 years.

TOOWARM October 11, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Maybe the almost 10% sales tax at Promenode.. I know I avoid shopping there..


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