Editor's Notebook: The Death of My iPhone

If you've ever called me, I'm asking you to do it again.

On my desk, underneath a pile of books and other items, sits a Rolodex. My father-in-law gave it to me roughly 15 years ago. I've kept it with me, even though I haven't put new information in it for years. And truth be told, the contacts in there have probably changed their phone numbers and email addresses more than once since.

I got out of practice with that old reliable, thanks to the onslaught of computers, and in my Patch experience, an iPhone that was full of pictures, phone numbers and other data.

I wish I hadn't.

Just last week, I used it to take this photo, of my father-in-law, helping prepare our home for the rain we all expected from the remnants of Hurricane Isaac. It was one of the last things I did with that phone.

On Friday, and later at that phone got more than a little wet in the elements. Despite a rescue mission at the Apple Store the next day that yielded the suggestion of immersing the device in a bag of rice for a day, the phone was a goner. Gone were interviews for stories I had not yet reported. Gone were those photos. Gone were phone numbers and text messages.

I didn't use the tools I had at my disposal to back up that data, and I didn't use that trusty Rolodex. And now, I have a new phone, which just arrived Thursday.

And because of that, I'm asking anyone who has ever called me on that old phone to call me again, to help rebuild that data. You can email it to me, too.

This time, I promise I'll back it up. And I'll think twice about where I use it in the elements.

Is there an app for that on the new iPhone 5?


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