New Years Greetings From the Folks at the Olivette Patch

A little something for everyone. Even a Harold Stassen political button.

As the tradition goes, one of the Patch editors gets the privilege of passing out New Years greetings. This tradition goes all the way back to 2010 when Patch first arrived in St. Louis.

The Olivette Patch is coming upon its 6 month anniversary.

New Years greetings to the 7,800 residents who proudly call it home, and the thousands who arrive each day for work.

Happy New Years, and here’s hoping 2013 is better than 2012.

Mike McDowell, Olivette City Manager--A new city hall for admin, police and fire.

Rick Knox, Olivette Police Chief--More good guys, less bad guys.

John Bailot, Olivette Fire Chief--fresh batteries in all the smoke detectors.

Mike Gartenberg: City Engineer--Lots of new plans to review

Carlos Trejos--City Planning & Zoning Administrator--a burst in home building construction.

Jeff Wade, Parks Director--a wrecking ball for the aged community center.

Arthur Merdinian, Mayor--Thanks for a job well done.

Missy Waldman, Council Woman--More time on the lake.

Pablo Flinn, Council Man-Thanks for serving the city and the school district.

Leif Hauser--Another term on the council.

Jean Antoine--a retirement home in Florida some day.

Ruth Springer, former mayor--The chance not to have to run for city council, again.

Mort Bertish--A Harold Stassen campaign button.

Michael Costello--More wide eyed students to teach at UMSL.

Star Bucks crew--lots of new coffee drinkers in the new year

Subway--Thanks for putting in that beautiful new store.

Business owners--Thanks for bringing Olivette a beautiful new Shane Company; Arena Liquor, Subway, First Tuesday and more on the way.

Gregg Yawitz--few more tenants to fill up Shoppes at Price Crossing

Diane Pattershuk--new home buyers.

Doug Cohen--new home buyers.

Mark Bernacki--a souvenir Old Bonhomme school sweatshirt.

Jeff Kopolow--more good school board members to serve with.

Nancy Goldstein--lots of cooperative school board members.

Stacy Washington--The same as for Nancy Goldstein.

Ken Smith--some plans to help Ladue School District progress.

Cheryl Kirchgessner--a peaceful school year at OB school.

Kathy Boyd--More recognition for Logos School.

Larry Gerstein--a big stoggie to smoke.

Estie Pruett--lots of donations for Olivette in Bloom.

Quiznos, Jimmy John’s--lots of hungry customers.

Minute Man Press-- plenty of print orders.

The Artery--More customers for Kim Good.

Vance Lischer--A happy new home for your Red Caboose.

Alpha Dental and Dr. Craig Berkin--plenty of dental floss.

Olivette Clinic--people being nice to animals.

Chevy Tex Mex--Hola, Cinco deMayo.

And to all in Olivette, a prosperous and happy New Years and to everyone, a very good night.

Olivette Council member Missy January 01, 2013 at 02:21 AM
Thank you Jim for your sweet humor and well wishes for Olivette in the coming year. A happy new year to Patch and the citizens and businesses of Olivette.
James Baer January 01, 2013 at 12:24 PM
The place we happily call home.


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