The Battle of the Bulge is Already Underway

As a group, we need to shed a lot of those pounds put on over the holidays.


The doldrums of January can present quite the challenge as most of us might just experience the battle of the bulge.

We’ve pigged our ways through the holidays. How many pounds were put on noshing and drinking and loading up on the calories at all those holiday parties? The Christmas cookies, the champaign and the snacks just take their toll.

The time has arrived to shed the LBS’s in 2013.

I love this time of the year. The work out centers are jammed to the rafters. People are taking numbers to get on the stair masters and the tread mills. Everyone is there with the best of intentions.

People are sweating off tons of fat. The swimming pool lanes are all crowded. People are walking in packs around those indoor tracks.

By March and April, the New Years pledges are mostly broken and you could shoot off a gun in workout center without hurting anyone.

I for one thinks this weight management thing takes an all around the year commitment. Binging and purging nor crash diets never seems to last.

Oh, the excuses are many: the kids take up too much time. I just don’t have time at my job to work out. I can just put off my exercise routine until tomorrow. It seems, tomorrow never really comes.

Lets do things differently this year like:

  • Create a workout plan
  • Put it in writing
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • Get off the couch and get moving
  • Walk or run some laps around Tilles or Stacy Park

 Sometimes the best made plans just crash on the rocks.

 The swim suit season is a mere five months away. Shudder at the thought of how you would look in a Speedo or bikini if you still have an inner tube tied around your waste. Extra material can only cover up so many sins.

In this community, there are so many people eager to help the cause. You could easily get a workout schedule at Nutriformance in Frontenac; the Jewish Community Center in Creve Coeur; the Center of Clayton or any of the local YMCAs.

The good news, most of these places have discount rates for volume usage and price breaks for students and seniors. Family memberships offer savings by the numbers.

Life is all about choices. I think its a lot like that old Fram Oil Filter commercial “pay me know or pay me later.”

Seems like working out fees are a whole lot less than the massive costs of by-pass surgery, liposuction or weight reduction programs.

Pay me now or pay me later; I for one would rather get the job done now, and feel a whole lot better in the process.


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