Olivette Cops Deal with Two Hit-and-Run Accidents in Town

Two incidents of cars being hit and drivers leaving the scene occurred recently.

Olivette police recently had to respond to two cases in the same day in which drivers got into accidents, then left the scene.

The incidents, both on Dec. 8, were separate cases unrelated to each other, said Olivette police Det. Craig Schneider.

"When you have two in one day, it's pretty rare," Schneider said. "They were just having a hard time hitting the parking spot."

In both cases, police were able to track down the drivers. One of them was because they were seen on a security video. "The other we tracked through a license plate," Schneider said.

One incident was at Olive Boulevard and Dielman Road. The other was on Tower Hill Court, according to a police report. In that case, the driver was arrested on charges of leaving the scene and driving with a revoked license.

Schneider said nobody was hurt in either accident — "just the poor cars," he said.


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