Police Report: Seriously, Lock Your Cars; Trombone, Laptops Among Stolen Items

The latest information from the Olivette Police Department shows a raft of crimes of opportunity, because victims didn't lock their car doors.

Want to know one of the easiest ways to become a crime victim? Give thieves the opportunity by leaving your doors unlocked — especially car doors, where thieves can see the goods before they strike.

Theft from unlocked cars was among the most common incidents reported in the latest crime report from the Olivette Police Department. Here are some examples.

Someone stole a trombone from an unlocked vehicle parked overnight in a driveway on Crockett on Oct. 2.

The same day, someone stole loose change from different vehicles on the same street, Indian Meadows Drive. In both cases, the vehicles were unlocked.

The next day, also on Indian Meadows, someone stole a laptop computer from a vehicle...and yes, you guessed it: Left unlocked overnight in the driveway.

Open doors are a no-no too: On Oct. 4, someone stole a bike from an open garage on Indian Trails.

Finally, the next no-no is leaving valuables in plain site, even if the door is locked. Twice on Oct. 2, on Mesa Drive, someone broke a window in a victim's vehicle and stole something: In one case, a laptop computer and loose change; in another, a GPS navigation unit.


On Oct. 9, someone smashed into a vehicle on Olive Lake Drive and drove off. The victim's vehicle was parked in the parking lot overnight. The driver left the scene.


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