Two Chesterfield Women Charged for Prostitution in Undercover Police Sting

Two Chesterfield women who worked at Rong Hua D-Stress in Des Peres were charged with prostitution Monday; the city has pulled the business license.

A Des Peres business had its license revoked after an investigation discovered prostitution at the establishment, which offered massages. Two Chesterfield women, who worked at Rong Hua D-Stress, were charged Monday with miscellaneous sex violations, breaking the city’s ordinance prohibiting prostitution.

Rong Hua D-Stress, a massage business formerly at 11730 Manchester Road, closed after a St. Louis County Special Investigations Unit determined prostitution occurred at the establishment.

One of the business owners, Jing Yong, provided $500 in bail for each of the women. Yong told police he had the women sign documents that stated they would not perform acts of prostitution while working for him. The documents were printed in Chinese and had not been interpreted when the probable cause statement was filed with prosecutors.

Yong and his wife, Xin Yuan Su, owned and managed the business, one employee told police. The woman told detectives the business kept the initial, upfront fee. The women could keep any tips from customers, she told police.

Jufang Long, 62, and Cuizhen Wu, 40, both of the 15400 block of Duxbury Way Walk in Chesterfield, each were charged with a miscellaneous sex violation for violating the Des Peres ordinance against prostitution. A check with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service indicated both woman are in the country legally.

Rong Hua D-Stress came under scrutiny after the Des Peres Public Safety Department received an anonymous letter complaining about the business. The letter stated the client went to the business seeking a massage for lower back pain, but unexpectedly had inappropriate contact.

An undercover detective with the St. Louis County Special Investigations Unit visited Rong Hua D-Stress and reported a prostitution during a massage given by Long. When police officers entered the building, they walked in on Wu, who was touching a man’s penis, according to the police report.

Des Peres Public Safety Department officials did not know if there are plans to charge the business owners with a crime. Patch was unable to contact the city of Des Peres prosecuting attorney, Timothy Engelmeyer.

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ltm December 28, 2012 at 03:51 PM
By the way, wouldn't these people charged with sex crimes go onto Missouri's Sex Offender Registry and our National Registry?
Joe Scott December 28, 2012 at 07:08 PM
itm - Looking at the requirements, I don't believe prostitution requires Sex Offender registry. First, these are misdemeanor charges and are not considered sexual assaults. Registration is required for felony offenses in Chapter 566, RSMo, Including attempts and conspiracies, use of a child in a sex act, etc. See the Mo. Highway Patrol requirements here: http://www.mshp.dps.mo.gov/MSHPWeb/PatrolDivisions/CRID/SOR/factsheet.html
Emily P. December 31, 2012 at 05:01 AM
I think you spelled the street name wrong. I believe it is Duxbury Way. I just thought I would let you know. Other than that you are a great writer! :)
Joe Scott December 31, 2012 at 05:47 AM
Emily - You're correct. I used the spelling in the police report, which I should have checked on. Thanks for pointing that out.
David January 07, 2013 at 03:45 PM
I found your article informative and thorough until I hit a grammatical snafu . A man has a penis and a woman has a vagina. It might have been better to have written-was found touching a man on his penis,or fondling a man,or handling a man on his penis instead of what you wrote "who was touching a man’s penis". I do appreciate your follow up to itms' statement relative to sexual offenders. thank you david


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