City Wants Citizen Panel On Facility Needs

The "Olivette Future Task Force" would evaluate how to move forward after a pair of ballot initiatives failed at the polls in August.

After Olivette voters did not give the necessary approval on a pair of ballot measures in August to fund improvements for police, fire and parks in the city, Mayor Arthur Merdinian said he hoped those in the community who agreed with the need for the projects but who didn't support how leaders proposed getting there would help take a leadership role once the city regrouped.

The chance to step up appears to be now.

Olivette recently announced it was searching for members of what's being called the Olivette Future Task Force, which would, according to the city's website:

  • Reevaluate the City’s facility needs to support essential operations.
  • Analyze alternative approaches to adequately addressing those needs, including potential locations, construction approaches, and anticipated costs.
  • Recommend a specific program of action and financing plan for City Council and ultimately, Olivette voters

The seven-person panel will include a city council member and someone on Olivette's Planning and Community Design Commission. Specific backgrounds are sought for some of the the other five representatives, including an engineer/architectual perspective, in addition to the construction world.

Residents interested in being involved should submit a letter of interest and a resume by November 10. They can be dropped off at City Hall or emailed to the City Clerk, mbennett@olivettemo.com.


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