Registration Open for Olivette's Dog Park

The park is in Irv Zeid Citizens Park. The dog park is open to anyone with proof of a current dog license whether they live in Olivette or not.

Here's a notice from the city of Olivette about registration for the dog park.

The Olivette Parks and Recreation Commission and the City of Olivette have created a dog park in Irv Zeid Citizens Park. The park will be available to any Olivette resident or non-resident who pays the fee, follows the posted rules and has proof of a current dog license (in their municipality).

The fee is $20 a year for residents, $40 for non-residents, plus $5 a year for each additional resident dog and $20 a year for each additional non-resident dog. 

The fee will be used to help keep the space clean and enjoyable for our four legged friends. The park is accessible from dawn to dusk seven days a week and will be dog-owner monitored. The Olivette Parks Department is still in the process of adding water to the area and will be adding a small dog paddock in early 2013. 

At this time, we are accepting 2013 Dog Park membership applications. Each dog that is registered will be given a tag to identify that they are allowed access to the area. Applications should be turned in to the Olivette Parks Department at 9723 Grandview Drive or City Hall at 9473 Olive Boulevard. 

(A registration form is attached to this article as a PDF.)

For current members, each year you will be required to complete a new application to submit along with the fees. The access code to the gate will be changed on Feb. 1. 

Direct questions or feedback to the Olivette Parks and Recreation Department at (314) 991-1249 or opr@olivettemo.com.


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