Tax Levy, Fireworks Ordinance on Olivette Agenda

The Olivette City Council meets at 7 p.m. tonight at Olivette City Hall.

The Olivette City Council is slated to meet at 7 p.m. tonight at Olivette City Hall. Items on the agenda include:

Old Business

  • Bill 2700 — An Ordinance to amend the Chapter 400 Zoning Regulations, being part of Title IV Land Use of the Olivette Municipal Code, to enact a new Article XXII “MU Gateway” I-170/Olive Boulevard Mixed-Use Gateway District and rezone property in accordance to the boundaries outlined.
  • Bill 2703 — An Ordinance Regulating the  Manufacture, Sale, Possession, Storage, Shipping, Use or Exploding of Firework Displays or Fireworks in the City of Olivette and Providing Penalties for the Violations of the Provisions Thereof.
  • Bill 2704 — An Ordinance Authorizing a User Agreement with the St. Louis County Emergency Communications Commission for Subscriber Radios for an Interoperable Radio System for City of
  •  Bill 2705 — An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance No. 2477 of the City of Olivette, Missouri so as to Amend the Salary Schedule for Non-Management Positions of the City Adopted by said Ordinance

New Business

  • Bill 2706 – An Ordinance Fixing the Annual Rate of Tax Levy for 2012 on all Property within the City of Olivette, Providing for the Extension of said taxes on the Books of the Collector by the County Clerk and Providing for the Collection Thereof.
  • Authorization for the Fire Chief to Sign a Revised Amendment to the Mutual Aid Agreement by and between the City of Olivette and Creve Coeur Fire Protection District.
  • Picnic License for Olivette on the Go 
  • Authorization for the City Manager to Negotiate a Professional Services Agreement with Foster & Foster Actuaries and Consultants to represent the City of Olivette in negotiations regarding the current annuity contract with the Principal Financial Group
  • Review and Approval of the Minutes of the Aug. 28 City Council Meeting   
  • City Attorney’s Report 
  • City Manager’s Report 
  • City Council Reports


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