Brandon Klar: MICDS Hockey, Clear Choice for MVP This Week

Popular forward for the Rams will play baseball in college next year.

Brandon Klar, who leads the MICDS ice hockey team in scoring is the Ladue-Frontenac and Olivette Patch MVP this week. His win was an overwhelming choice. This is what he had to say to Patch: 

Patch: If you are a senior, have you selected a college yet?

Klar: I have not selected a college yet. I will be playing baseball in college but have yet to make a final decision on which school I will attend.

Patch: How is your season going?

Klar: Our season has been going well. We have a lot of younger guys on the team this year so we have been really focused on getting them well adapted to the higher level of play. We've had some struggles so far but  we always seem to bounce back and be ready to go for the next game.

Patch: What is the favorite thing you like about being on your team?

Klar: My favorite thing about this team is probably the chemistry a lot of us have with one another. The majority of us have been playing together for many years and that kind of chemistry is what really defines us. For example, Matt Myer and I have played together for so long that we always seem to know where the other is on the ice.

Patch: Comment on any special accomplishments this season so far.

Klar: I'm really glad that the team has come together to win some big games and grow alongside each other. Last season I finished around 5th or 6th in the area in assists and this year I'm incredibly happy to be on top of that category, but I couldn't have achieved this without the phenomenal play of some of my teammates.

Patch: Which athlete do you admire the most, and why?

Klar: Probably Dustin Pedroia; being a second baseman and a Red Sox fan Dustin Pedroia has naturally been a role model of mine. His work ethic is something that I really admire and try to emulate.

Patch: What is your favorite tune in your I-Pod these days?

Klar: Probably "Battle Scars" by Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian.

The MVP voters list for Week No. 6 will be out Monday.


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