'Ladue Senior List' Civil Rights Investigation Moves Forward

Federal investigators have a list of district staff they want to interview as part of their probe.

A Ladue school spokeswoman confirms that the district has received a list of names federal civil rights investigators want to interview in connection with a probe into bullying problems at Horton Watkins High School.

Ruth Ahlemeier, a district parent from Olivette,

Ahlemeier said she had not had contact with the Office Of Civil Rights since receiving a letter in October notifying her that the agency would investigate her complaint.

Susan Dielmann, a school district spokeswoman, confirmed that it had received a list of the people investigators want to interview in connection with the case. Dielmann said district lawyers have advised against releasing the names of those who would be interviewed because it involves discussion of personnel. She didn't know exactly when the interviews would take place.

In a brief interview Monday, Ahlemeier said the goal of the complaint is not to punish the district, but to correct what she believes are problems with sex discrimination and the lack of a procedure to address the issue.

She said she was "never more proud of my community" after seeing that district middle school students recently chimed in to respond against whoever created an Instagram account earlier this month that attempted to bully fellow students.

"I didn't know if that would have happened before," Ahlemeier said.

Dielmann said it was the district's impression that the interviews could take place over the next few weeks but that the investigation itself could go quiet for a period of months before any results are made.


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