Patch MVP Winter Week 3: Elliott Shevitz, Goaltender, Ladue Hockey

Sophomore netminder picked up his first varsity win, with 26 saves last week, in the Rams' 4-3 win over Priory.

Usually we ask upperclassmen their thoughts about college, but we're still interested in your thoughts about furthering your education. Have you thought at all about where you might want to go to college?

I am actually already looking for colleges, but for lacrosse, not hockey! There are some colleges in which I'm interested, but at this time I'm not really sure exactly where I will be attending.

Will you try to play hockey there (or any other sport)? Are will you be going to college as a regular student?

Like I said, although hockey is my passion, I was fortunate enough to start varsity as a freshman in lacrosse. The Ladue lacrosse team was very successful and we were able to make our first ever Division 1 playoff appearance last year.

How did you get started playing hockey?

I started playing hockey, as crazy as it sounds, by watching the Phoenix Coyotes play in Arizona. My family and I love traveling to Arizona and they were able to take me to a couple of hockey games and by watching veteran goaltender Sean Burke play for the Phoenix Coyotes, I not only aspired to play hockey, but aspired to play goalie as well.

At age 3, I learned to skate in Arizona and after learn-to-play, I started my goaltending "career" with the Webster Wings. My lifetime goal is still to be goalie for the Phoenix Coyotes.
When did you know that you were a good player?

After my peewee A1 year (12-13 years old) my coach Rick Sherman took me to the next level of play by always coaching me as a goalie and as a person. Coach Sherman really brought the goalie out of me and took me to my full potential.

I tried out for the Chesterfield Falcons this past year and was unfortunately cut from the Midget Minor U16 team, but I hopefully I will receive another opportunity to play for them in the future. I still don't like to call myself a good player because I know there is always something on which to improve.

Tell us about the current Ladue hockey season. You guys have played a loaded schedule against some really tough teams.

The Ladue hockey team, while having a tough schedule, has played almost all of its teams neck to neck. With the exception of the Rockwood Summit game, which I did not play, we kept each game very close. We played Fort Zumwalt East by three, whereby 2 goals were scored on an empty net and tied powerhouse Lutheran South, in which we were winning the entire game. We tied because of an unfortunate last minute goal. The Ladue hockey team has a goal of making it to the Wickenhiser Cup this season.

What is the favorite thing you like about being on your team?

The opportunity to be able play hockey for Ladue hockey is the thing I enjoy most. I have thought about playing for Ladue since I started playing in first grade.

Comment on any special accomplishments this season so far.

My biggest accomplishment this season so far has to be either my first varsity start in which we played Fort Zumwalt East very well or my first Varsity win against Priory just last week.

Tell us about your biggest fan. Who out there roots for you the hardest? And how does that make you feel?

My biggest fan....hmmm I'm going to be honest, I can't really hear anyone other than my mom with her loud whistle in the crowd. She always seems to stand out somehow, some way.

I know after the 6-6 tie versus Webster, the entire Webster crowd learned my name and even my girlfriends name. The crowd would chant while I was playing goal in their end.

I received three apology texts the next day from people I had never heard of or seen before, apologizing for the crowd that night. Man, that was a life changing experience. But as a goalie, you need to learn to block out those large crowd and focus on stopping the puck.

What celebrity are you a big fan of? Could be sports, movies, music, anything. Tell us about your most favorite famous person.

I'm going to be honest, because of the lockout, I'm not really happy with any of my favorite players like goalie Brian Elliott and Coyotes captain Shane Doan. I enjoy watching How I Met your Mother and listening to music like artist Mac Miller, 2 Chainz, and Macklemore.

Now tell us why you are you're such a fan of this person.

Brian Elliott and I had too many things in common for me not to have him be my favorite hockey goalie. Besides the obvious, goaltending and the name, he plays the same style of goalie as I do (low stance, Butterfly).

What is the favorite tune in your I-Pod right now?

My favorite tune is probably Mercy by Kanye West, Can't Hold Us by Macklemore, or Donald Trump by Mac Miller.

Last question, what is your go-to karaoke song? Meaning if you were trying to win a contest like American Idol or X-Factor what song would you sing to make the audience vote for you as the winner?

Honestly, I'm not a good singer at all, so I mean if I had to pick one, it would probably be Animals by Neon trees. I have no idea why that would be my favorite, but its a great song.


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